The fullest extent of college

What I learned this semester in Social Media

I learned a sad truth in social media, that social media is an all day job. You need to work long and hard at it. I learned that you can’t take a break because someone could mention you in a tweet or post an unflattering Facebook comment about you.

I learned that if you want more people to follow you that you have to stay active and tweet or comment at certain times of the day when there is the most traffic. That it is important to follow people as well because it will make them more prone to follow you back.

I learned that sites like social mention and Klout exist to tell you how people perceive you online, and that my scores are slightly above average. That no matter what anything you put online can be found by someone looking hard enough.

Worst of all though is that I learn the full extent of my senioritis. This class saw it the worst, I got really behind on all the work assigned to me, and I feel awful for that.

I saw the full extent of my college career in this class, mainly online tried hard at the start then just coasted through the rest of it. Time flies when you are having fun but take some time every once and a while to notice what you have before its gone.

Thanks for reading

Josh Langel

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See this movie

Fans of television series Buffy welcomed the release of Joss Whedon’s latest film creation, Cabin in the Woods. Co-written by Buffy creator and long time series writer Drew Goddard, who also directs the movie, Cabin in the Woods is a twist on classic horror that is both quirky and fun.

Both Cabin in the Woods’ trailers and official plot synopsis give away only limited details. Five, very stereotypical, college friends go to a woodland cabin for a short vacation and horrific things begin to happen. But this is not all there is to Cabin in the Woods and it does have a great deal more to offer. Although the secrecy about the plot is a deliberate attempt to save the film’s genre-bending twists for the cinema experience, it seriously endangers Cabin in the Woods’ credibility in the eyes of potential viewers. This secrecy is certainly a good decision for those who actually see the movie, but perhaps a poor one for those who will be put off by the trailer and miss out.

Whedon and Goddard’s genre-bending does make the first twenty minutes or so of Cabin in the Woods hard to place and the audience is likely to fall into one of two camps, finding it either interesting or confusing. Shaky performances from the five cabin goers during their early scenes also weakens the opening. But, once Cabin in the Woods gets going, it becomes near impossible not to fall for its characters, its approach and its intrigue, dragging its audience completely into its bizarre version of reality.

A major plus for Cabin in the Woods is that it doesn’t rely on one single twist. Movies that do this are typically enjoyable only once, put back on the dvd shelf never to be watched again. But Cabin in the Woods hints at its twist from the very beginning, unveiling its secrets gradually. A trait likely to make Cabin in the Woods enjoyable even after multiple viewings.

Cabin in the Woods’ horror is convincing and well put together. But the film is also incredibly funny and there are moments when it feels like a hilarious spoof. The script is also brimming with Whedon-speak and this flair for invented language gives the dialogue an exciting, original feel.

But I’ll bring myself to a halt now, before I go on to spoil the very well kept secrets of this film that you should enjoy for yourselves. Cabin in the Woods is original, creative and funny. It is also quite weird and constantly surprising. Disregard what you’ve seen in the very misleading trailer and see it if you’re a fan of quirky, imaginative meta-horror, or simply want to be surprised.

See this movie

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I vow to never see this movie again

The Vow is another Nicholas Sparks adaptation about a couple with a stupid and unrealistic obstacle in the way of obtaining true love. If that sounds familiar that’s probably because it’s pretty much the plot of any romantic movie that has ever existed.

Apparently it’s based on a true story of a woman who does lose her memory after getting into a car accident and her husband tries to overcome the odds and overwhelming obstacle of helping her remember who he is and who they were together. I’m going to guess that the reality of their situation is not as lame as the movie version.

Rachel McAdams plays the woman who loses her memory. She’s essentially playing her role from The Notebook again, yet another young woman in the perfect love story any person would want. Channing Tatum plays her husband who tries to bring back her memory with the power of marriage.

The Notebook essentially runs along the same lines as this movie. A woman loses her memory of the best relationship ever and the man has to help her remember their amazing life together, complete with hardships, so they can be together forever.

I just made that sound lame but in The Notebook the characters had decent chemistry. Their characters actually seemed real and not simply shadows of stereotypes. McAdams is a vegetarian law school dropout who becomes an artist who doesn’t talk to her family, so in other words she makes a lot of good life choices.

 As for Channing Tatum is a record label owner/sensitive artist, in no way can he pull off this type of character. I assume the producers of this film tried to fix this by making his friends and the way he dresses look like he only listens to Bon Iver and liked McAdams before she was in Mean Girls. His neck to head ratio is far too big for him to play anything other than a cop or soldier.

The movie itself made me laugh, because every romance movie stereotype popped up in this movie.

Chance meeting that leads to one of the most gag-inducing cheesy moments.

A small, sentimental wedding that seems impromptu to make it apparent that these two characters love each other so much they can’t wait to be married.

The couple lives well-furnished apartment in the city, but are somehow portrayed as broke. But as long as they have each other, right?

Some unfortunate accident causes an obstacle to their love.

A lot of distressing shots of the man struggling to regain the love of his life. There is even a scene where Tatum is sitting in a dark room in his recording studio, playing the acoustic guitar because he is JUST. THAT. SAD.

Some jerk gets punched in the face because the guy who loves his girl is just super frustrated another man is in the picture.

The couple breaks up for a bit because things are JUST SO HARD.

A lot of sentimental crap happens with music reminiscent of The Fray playing in the background.

The happy ending

None of those are even spoilers you need to expect those every time you go to a romance movie. If not you clearly don’t know how they work.

Ugh. I’m bored and annoyed by writing this. Watching it was pretty much the same. If you like stuff like this, then by all means go watch it. But if you like movies with believable characters and an actual plot you can’t figure out before you even see the movie; I would then suggest skipping this entirely.

Spoiler Alert at least in the Notebook she regains her memory.


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Sometimes the old way is still the best way.

Reading the newspaper is still the way I receive my news, even though more and more people are heading online to read the new on their phones, tablets, or computers to find out what is happening in the world around them.

Nothing will ever beat the feel of a newspaper in my hands. Every day I head to the nearest dormitory to grab a copy of the USA today. I feel that this keeps me informed. I understand that it isn’t as fast as looking it up online.  

My Phone

That doesn’t mean though that I won’t adapt a new way of getting my news in the near future. I think that the only reason I rely on the tried and true method of news is because I’m still way back in the Stone Age with my phone nor do I have a tablet. I’m one of the few people still left in the world that hasn’t adapted to the changing of times. But I feel that in the near future almost all actual papers will be nonexistent, as soon as I get a job that pays well I will be upgrading to the future. 

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Humane Society will teach you some new tricks.

The Nebraska Humane Society has one of the best social media platforms out there. Quite honestly I love the way it shows itself online. It posts multiple times online on Facebook and twitter, catering to both cat and dog people. Plus I just love animals which made it all the better. The thing I loved most about when I visited the Humane Society is that there I got to see all of the dogs that they had in the back.

our favorite dog at the Humane society

I was extremely close to bringing home a chocolate lab. He was so cute; the eight year old dog looked at me with eyes that just screamed you won’t regret it. The thing I learn most today was that I’m not ready to take home a pet.

Pets are a large responsibility. I currently don’t have the time or the money to own a pet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about what my theoretical pet would be. I’m going to get a female Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix, mainly because of my allergies, I would name her a slightly human name, but not a common one, maybe something along the lines of Maggie. That way I could give her plenty of nicknames.

I digress. It was fun to visit the Humane Society but if I learned anything from this event was that you need to always stay up to date on your posting and that social media doesn’t go from 9to5. You constantly need to be checking it if you want to have a good presence online. 

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Kony 2012

Kony 2012 should have been the greatest thing to ever happen to Social Media. This is why social media essentially was created. For people to join forces over a common goal, to raise awareness to injustice in the world, sadly this is diminished by the acts of the group who produced the video.

                The message was there for everyone to join together on April 20th and to raise national awareness to the atrocities of Joseph Kony. The video well produced had great music, it had a cute kid learning about horrible things, and it had it all. The video was the fastest growing video on the internet reaching 100 million collective views in just under three days. Things were perfect it seemed that their video was actually going to make a difference.

                Then not to long after the video released we see on TMZ that they had video of the man in the video running the streets of San Diego naked, rambling like a crazy person. Then we begin to hear about the finances of Invisible Children aren’t exactly accurate. That they don’t donate money to Uganda to help those effected by war, but into the pockets of those who found the company.

                But just because a few unethical people represent a worthy cause doesn’t mean that we should abandon the cause completely. We need to get out there and help those in need.

*Updated: I may have forgotten to publish many of my posts, but I have not seen any Stop Kony items or anything of that manner in Omaha. It may have worked elsewhere but not here.

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Social Media for Good

Some time has passed since Social Media for Good. Since then I have had some time to think about all that was said what I learned about Twitter. That reflection has led me to a couple of conclusions: you can’t build or manage yourself without social media; and a job working with social media is a 24/7 ordeal.

While listening to Joe Moore it became evident that the Creighton brand is larger than one would think. From the multitude of Facebook and Twitter accounts that Joe manages for the various aspects of the Creighton community to all of the parody accounts created by students, there is a lot to watch over. However, Joe does it all. Joe made it clear that his job did not go along with his hours at work.

A dog that you might see at the Humane Society

Then Elizabeth Hilpipre began to speak on behalf of the Nebraska Humane Society. She taught the importance of twitter in her job. They tweet out photos and have animals of the day trying to get them all adopted, and the importance of having a good photo of the animal is. At the end of her presentation the audience was allow to ask questions to the students and speakers questions.

It seemed the many of the people were most people wanted to talk to Elizabeth about the dogs more than about social media. All in all Social media for Good taught me how important social media actually is. You can’t just take time off.

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